Karl Linderoth

KIA - Rebranding / Logo activation

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About this project

As part of the creative team at Innocean Berlin, I worked extensively on the re-branding of KIA Global, presenting their new brand positioning “Movement that inspires”.

For the logo activation, we collaborated with artists and neuroscientists and created a digital OOH campaign inspired by the movements in nature, as well as a new sound logo and brand music that helps to increase the mind’s state of focus.

Role: Jr Art Director & Designer

Project team: Gabriel Mattar, Ricardo Wolff, Bruno Oppido, Kevin Hipke, Teco De Luccia, Jack Christensen, Anna Berlin, Nicolas Holz, Giovanna Pereira, Ana Conrado, Carlos Suárez, Alessia Bellini, Michael Dunker, Martina Teuchnerova, Benjamin Merten

Photography: Emir Haveric